KFMUN 2020


Dear delegates and esteemed participants,

My name is Emin Serim, I am very excited to say that I will be serving as the Secretary General of the very first session of our conference. The KFMUN will be held at Kayseri Final Schools on March 13th-14th-15th.

Over the past few months, our Secretariat team has worked hard to prepare the best conference to date and we are excited to share some of our work with you.While you will be having one of the most remarkable academic experience possible, it is our duty as Secretariat Team to ensure your amusement during the conference. I would like to point out the hardwork of our  Secretariat Team. When it comes to team work and taking responsibilities, they are one of a kind to catch.

During this three-day international relations simulation, you will practise the art of debating and solving problems in the spirit of collaboration. In the process, you will discover how important our institutions are and how valuable dialogue is for our democracy. Through lively exchanges with other delegates and historical recreations of international crises, you will learn how to handle challenges in the future.

KFMUN will give you the opportunity to challenge yourselves intellectually, cooperate with your partners, and better understand some of the world’s most pressing concerns. It is our wish that this conference will encourage your interest in international affairs and provide you with academic, social, and professional skills which you will bring home with you and use with confidence for years to come. Thank you for your interest in KFMUN , and I look forward to welcome you all to Kayseri Final Schools in March!

Emin SERİM – Secretary General