Joint Crisis Committee: World War II

“The War To End All Wars” had left millions of deads also woundeds physically or psychologically.
Lots of negotiations and deals made. That make even harder for defeated countries to heal their wounds. But while some kingdoms from losing side were collapsing some of them were
already started to preparing plans of revenge. Allies were restful because they were thinking “the great war” ended and they were the winning side they could rest until eternity.
In this silence before the storm, the clouds were still full with ambition and it was ready to rain. Will the central powers try to get their old lands back or will allies really be
sated with lands they took? As always time will show us is enough blood spilled to satisfy hungryness of war or is it just beginning…

TOPICS: Open Agenda

Committee Directors: Ali Osman Efe HIZIROĞLU – Mehmet Emin GÜNER

JCC: WW2 Study Guide