Human Rights Council (HRC)

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is one of the main organs of the UN General Assembly, which was established 2006.
UNHRC has 47 member states and an Advisory Commitee with 18 members. The main mission of UNHRC is ensuring the obligations of Human Rights Declaration and making Earth more sustainable for the next generations.
In the last decade, the greatest problem of the International Arena was the Refugee problem, which has increased from 40 millions to 80 milion refugees in the last 20 years. The education, security, social life and the economic situation of refugees are the main problems of the every state of the World.
Our aim for these 3 days is finding a solution for these problems by using diplomatic methods.
*One of the agendas of this Committee is in the scope of “MUN Refugee Challenge 2020” which is held by UNHCR.

TOPIC I: Improving access to education for refugees.
TOPIC II: Protecting the victims of human trafficing in conflict and post-conflict situation.

Committee Directors: Rana İLTEKİN – Yusuf Selim TORUN

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